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Material: cotton / cttn&span 

Yarns can be divided into poplin, chambray, seersucker, Oxford, stretch , dobby,  twill , jacquard, our company has been involved in many fields of YD fabric, especially good at 40s.50s.60s.70s ,Oxford and flannel......

In addition , liquid ammonia finishing technology has become the highlight of new technologies in the yarn-dyed fabric industry, this non-ironing and super non-ironing technology has gradually become a trend and consumer habits, non-ironing makes the anti-wrinkle performance of the fabric enhanced, can avoid or reduce the wrinkle phenomenon after washing, in order to save ironing time and extend the life of the garment purpose. Our company has a lot of research on this post-integration method, and has obtained a lot of praise in the industry, looking forward to your attention.

The following video introduces you to the conventional yarn-dyed fabric, thank you for watching