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Material: Cotton / Cttn&Span / Polyester / polyester & cotton / Linen / Linen&Viscose / Linen&Cotton / Linen&Tencel

Denim is a thick yarn-dyed warp twill with a dark warp, usually indigo, and a light weft, usually light gray or boiled white. Also known as indigo denim. Denim is mainly cotton, but also the development of a variety of raw material structure, cotton, wool, silk, hemp natural fiber blend, but also with chemical fiber blend, and with elastic yarn, tight twist yarn, fancy yarn as raw materials. The higher the content of spandex, the more elastic it is. The yarn has 7*7, 7*6, 7*8, 10*7 and other specifications, and the organization structure is generally twill (2/1, 3/1, 1/3), broken twill, and the radial tightness is greater than the latitude.

The quality of denim:

1, mainly cotton, moisture permeability, good air permeability. 

2, woven denim tight, rich, crisp, with a rugged style. 

3, knitted denim not only maintains the original knitted fabric soft, breathable, elastic advantages, but also has the characteristics of woven denim.

Denim has a very wide range of applications, including the most widely used in the field of clothing, and even denim once became the mainstream of trouser fabric, and denim has a pivotal position in the field of clothing fabric, and indigo dyed denim is global popular, almost no one knows, no one is not known, because indigo dye dyed in cotton denim after the popular appearance, It has become a dye that is respected by the public all over the world. Moreover, the texture of denim fabric is tight and thick, which is very suitable for making men's and women's jeans, denim tops, denim vests, denim skirts, etc., and denim can also be used as bags, home textiles, and toy fabrics.

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