About us
Hello everyone, welcome to FUNNY GARMENT, our factory was established in 2005, located in Dalang Town, which is a specialized sweater customization wool weaving factory. And Dalang is the famous world's wool weaving factory all over the world. Our main products are sweaters and woolen fabrics.  

Now I'd like to show you our factory.  The factory covers an area of 3000 square meters and produces 1 million pieces per year.  We have more than 30 STOLL computer flat knitting machines imported from Germany, which greatly improves the production efficiency and can make some difficult jacquard designs to meet the personalized customization requirements of different customers.  As for the core raw materials of the products, there are mainly cotton yarn, acrylic yarn, core-spun yarn, wool, cashmere and other raw materials. For Christmas sweaters, the main material is acrylic fabric.  Now we come to the sweater production workshop, now is the loom in the weaving, before weaving, there is a process of wool smoothing;  Next to is the examination area, mainly to check whether there is needle leakage, skipping needle problems; After the examination, the sewing plate is in another area, so let's go over and look at the specific process of the sewing plate. What we see now is a process in which the worker sews the sheet;  The next step is to check the shirt, is to check whether there is a seam plate is not aligned;  Behind it are the sewing washing label (sewing the label on clothes), ironing (ironing the clothes to make them even), packaging (putting the ironed clothes into bags and sealing them).  These are the steps from yarn to sweater making.

The next place we are going to visit is the sample room.  Our main products are sweaters, ladies sweaters, men's sweaters, children sweaters, Christmas sweaters and other woolen products.  We are able to do some special techniques for sweaters.  As you can see, this sweater is made of jacquard knitted and decorated with LED lights.  In addition, we can also do digital printing, hotflx rhinestones, embroidery and so on.  So if you have any requirements, you can cooperate with us.  
In addition, our factoey adhering to the tenet of "creating high quality and providing comprehensive service", the factory has developed a comprehensive quality control system in terms of product quality in order to provide customers with high-quality products and comprehensive service.  From the most fundamental guarantee of customer interests, to give customers the best quality products and warm service, with continuous progress at the same time, adhere to the quality of the first concept of progress, determined to progress into a brand and good reputation of win-win factory.