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Material: Linen / Linen&Viscose / Linen&Cotton / Linen&Tencel

 Linen fabric has the advantages of temperature regulation, anti-allergy, anti-static, good moisture absorption, because linen moisture absorption is good, can absorb 20 times its own weight, so linen fabric feel dry, now, wrinkle-resistant, non-ironing linen products and the emergence of blended products, make linen products market further expanded. 

Yarn-dyed refers to the process of dyeing the yarn first, and then weaving with colored yarn, that is, "dyeing before weaving". Because it is dyed first, the color will penetrate into the yarn, the color fastness is better, and the problem of "only the surface of the printing and dyeing fabric has color" will not appear.

Linen yarns use different colors of yarns and fabrics to form a variety of beautiful patterns, with a three-dimensional sense, coupled with linen itself good heat dissipation, wear cool, flat without crepe, and easy to wash, its fiber strength is high, not easy to tear or puncture, as the most suitable for summer clothing. Our company has many years of experience in linen products, over the years always adhere to strict quality control, constantly push forward innovation, optimize the production rhythm, efficient production, green production; Look forward to becoming your trusted partner.

The following Cotton-Linen Interwoven and Blended introduction video for you to browse.