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Material: Linen / Linen&Viscose / Linen&Cotton / Linen&Tencel

Our company can bear a variety of substrate printing production, now the mainstream fabric printing has the following kinds of: round screen printing, flat screen printing, digital printing, according to the different dyes and can be divided into activity, dispersion, Shizlin and so on. The following will introduce you to several common printing processes, and look forward to cooperating with you ~

flat screen printing
(1) The special pattern of printing is generally printed on the flat web
(2) The flower pattern can be larger than the round net
(3) The precision is relatively high
(4) The applicability of printing is relatively wide (in addition to printing all over the ground, straight line and multi-color full glue)

Rotary screen printing
(1) Straight strip and ground printing is more uniform than flat screen printing
(2) The printing speed is relatively fast, and the output is relatively high
(3) The flower is more accurate than the flat net

Digital printing

(1) Digital printing precisely controls the flow through the microcomputer, the color of the dye is rich and bright, and the color is intelligent.
(2) The pigment ink used in digital printing is a nano-scale pigment paste with fine lines.
(3)  The fine pattern of digital printing can be easily controlled by controlling the ink drop size of the inkjet print head.
(4)  Digital printing is light, soft, good adhesion, does not affect the feel of the original fabric.
(5)  Digital printing is more environmentally friendly, and only produces a certain amount of waste liquid in the pre-treatment sizing and post-treatment washing process, which has less impact on the environment and the health of the contacts. 

The following videos introduce you to circular screen printing and digital printing, thank you for watching