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Material: Cotton / Cttn&Span

It is based on cotton as the main raw material, and polyester, acrylic, spandex and other fibers blended and interwoven, the surface of the longitudinal velvet strip fabric. Its products have thick texture, soft feel and good warmth. The earliest corduroy dates back to the 18th century and is a special fabric for the French royal family and nobility, and is also a symbol of power and status.

According to the thickness of the velvet strip, corduroy products can be divided into ultra-fine strips (more than 19 /2.54cm), thin strips (15-19 /2.54cm), medium strips (9-14 /2.54cm), thick strips (6-8 /2.54cm), wide strips (less than 6 /2.54cm), and intermediate strips (thick and thin) corduroy, etc. General thick corduroy warp with strand, weft with single yarn; Middle corduroy with single yarn warp and weft; Thin corduroy can be used in single yarn or strand. According to the different processing technology, it can be divided into dyed corduroy, printed corduroy, yarn-dyed corduroy and jacquard corduroy

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