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Material:Viscose/Viscose& Cotton/Viscose & Tencel/Viscose & Linen

Viscose fiber is a regenerated cellulose fiber. It is made of natural cellulose as raw material, through alkalination, aging, yellowing and other processes to make soluble cellulose xanolate, then dissolved in dilute lye to make viscose, and made by wet spinning. Ordinary viscose fiber, high wet modulus viscose fiber and high strength viscose fiber can be obtained by using different raw materials and spinning process.

1.Good moisture absorption and dehumidification performance, good air permeability, good softness, comfortable to wear;
2.Excellent dyeing performance: high stability to light, heat and chemical reagents;
3.Can not afford the ball, not easy to static electricity, not easy to stain, and there is no cotton dust in cotton processing;
4.Waste can be naturally degraded, in line with the environment and sustainable development.
Wet fastness is only half of dry fastness, low fatigue strength, no wear resistance, poor wrinkle resistance, poor dimensional stability, high water retention rate resulting in long drying time, low mildew and mothproof ability.

We are good at making all kinds of colors, all kinds of greige, all kinds of fabric types of viscose dyed fabric, you can provide the original or pantone number for our reference, our company with the fastest proofing speed, the most consistent color effect, the most intuitive quality sample wholeheartedly serve you.